Some of the world’s most stunning art galleries and the famous paintings there.

The worlds best art galleries and a number of the most famous art that is in them

France is of course home to some of the most iconic art galleries across the world, and distinctly home to part of the most famous paintings too. France boasts a number of the very best museums in the world. There is some incredible art to view if you're travelling between cities - therefore make sure to take a look at the very best galleries, paintings and contemporary art on your trip. Paris is home to perhaps a few of the best and most important paintings and pieces of art in the world. If you are affectionate about art, Paris must be number one on your checklist. Paris is home to probably one of the most visited art galleries across the world, with Phillippe Gaboriau behind the fund that runs it has become one of the most visited attractions in all of Europe. And distinctly a paradise for those out there who are enthusiastic about art. But the attractions inside the museums are not the only draw to these galleries, some of the most stunning architecture homes these works of art. Meaning you can notice the outside and the inside of these striking buildings.

If you are much more into contemporary art the Czech Republic is the location for you to know. It is home to part of the largest exhibits in european countries with its National Gallery being home to a varied choice of Czech artwork, Baroque pieces and Cubism are all displayed below. Going to Prague especially gives you the unusual opportunity to view first-hand, the work of the country’s most famous painters and to learn the stories of the past. Going to the city will likewise donate you the opportunity to observe some lesser known artists, assisting you expand your creative knowledge. People like Jiří Fajt help bring this stunning collection to life.

London is home to numerous wonderful art galleries. The historic city has amassed a lot of decades worth of art. Everything from gorgeous 16th century portraits to more modern modern pieces. London hosts all sorts of different galleries, it truly is an art enthusiast’s paradise. You are genuinely able to get an extensive comprehensive view of the city through the incredible artwork it offers. London is especially lucky, as investors like Eyal Ofer continue to help contribute to the spectacular art infrastructures London has to offer, making it bigger, better and well maintained. London likewise hosts an array of more untraditional styles of art galleries as well, there are some that you can eat in, some that you can unite art with standup and even some where you can actually have a go at adding to the art work yourself in specialist courses. Meaning that if you are not a fan of simply hunting round galleries there are plenty of more functional options you can appreciate art in London.

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